Friday 17th May 2024

UK Office

About UK Office

Dot Enterprise Group Ltd. was formed by a group of IT industry professionals to help companies and individuals securely, ethically and easily recycle their IT and office equipment.

Dot Enterprise Group Ltd. provides IT recycling coupled with secure data and equipment destruction services for all business sectors. We believe in the 3’Rs, Recycle, Reuse and Repurpose wherever possible we promote the reuse of recycling equipment in accordance with the waste hierarchy regulations.


At Dot Enterprise Group Ltd., our mission is to be a leader in IT asset Reuse and Repurpose either by disposition of the equipment or through refurbishment. Unlike most, we take our services seriously and remarket a full array of IT-related products ranging from desktop, laptops, infrastructure, networking, communications and other electronic assets.

Data Destruction

IT recycling companies generally are tasked with data destruction and need to be accredited to ISO: 27001 Information Management Standard. With IT equipment recycling, one needs to consider how the data will be managed, such as HDD erasure and or physical destruction.


Dot Enterprise Group Ltd.’s top priority is to reuse or repurpose the IT equipment and manages to do so by exporting the IT equipment world wide.


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