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Pakistan Office

About Pakistan Office

Dot Enterprise is an independent IT Consultant and trading company based in Lahore. We have been offering our services from last 16 years. We are well known in Al-Hafeez Center and other computer markets. Our customers will vouch for our quality and reputation.

Dot Enterprises sources new, recycled refurbished IT equipment from our reliable suppliers and offices  in UK, USA, UAE and other countries around the world.

The target market of the equipment is the wholesaler, retailer, corporate sector and institutions nationally and internationally. Within a short period of time Dot Enterprises has secured a good will both in national and international markets.

Who are we

Dot Enterprises

sources new, recycled refurbished IT equipment from our reliable suppliers in UK, USA, UAE and other countries in the world. The company resell these equipment to the wholesaler, retailer, corporate sector, institutions in Pakistan. Within a short period of time Dot Enterprises has secured a good will both in national and international markets.

Our Ambition

• To provide cost effective & quality IT equipment to every citizen of Pakistan.
• To provide them an opportunity to cope with the requirements of Information technology, especially for people of remote areas who are unable to afford it.
• To cater for the needs of the customer to the level of maximum satisfaction.

Business Policy


Customers choose a partner only if they know they can rely on them. Consistent, reliable and timely delivery is top priority for us. At Dot Enterprises, we recognize that repeated business is born through a customer’s trust that we “get the job done” in a timely and professional manner. More than 75% of our work is second and third projects from our valued clients.


All customers are different. Dot Enterprises have customers in Pakistan, so not only that there are operational and business differences, but also there are varied cultural boundaries. All customers have different requirements and run businesses in their own unique way. Flexibility is paramount to being a global player. At Dot Enterprises we understand its utmost importance and our clients are pleasantly surprised to find out how flexible we really are.


Today we live in knowledge based economy where information is the real power. In Information Technology industry, highly knowledgeable and well trained staff is extremely important. We take pride in ensuring our staff is kept up-to-date with the latest technologies and developments.


Quality is paramount in the production of Enterprise scale systems. Businesses depend on our solutions to run their core processes. This is why our quality consultants are involved in every step of the development process.

Our Approach

To put together a methodology, the discipline of project management along with the necessary elements. The core of our methodology is leveraging our understanding of organization, industry knowledge, and use of industry best practices. While delivering solutions and services to clients & organizations, Dot Enterprises follows a methodology that has proven suitable for all technologies from legacy systems to emerging technologies, and delivers solutions and services at customer sites or from offshore facilities. A key part of our strategy is to ensure that the client has ready access to local project management. This is why all outsourced projects are managed locally. In addition, the majority of planning, system study, requirement gathering and design activities take place locally too. Our Project management system monitors the process management for all sizes of projects and provides readily available information to the client and project managers. Our in house developed change management and bug tracking system allows the customer to raise and follow change requests or report faults with any part of the system or process, to ensure good problem and change management.

Services offered at Pakistan Office

Sales & Service

Dot Enterprise has been serving the Wholesale, Retail and the Corporate Sector for the past fourteen years. As Dot Enterprise believes in “Affordable Technology for Everyone”; Dot Enterprise has secured a place as a Key Market mover in the domestic market.

Dot Enterprise not only sells Quality Products and Services but also provides highly responsive and satisfying aster sales service, which makes Dot Enterprise stand out among its competitors hence gaining a high level of trust among Wholesale, Retail and Corporate Clients domestically and internationally.


Dot Enterprise enjoys a long list of Respectable Loyal customers in all market segments. Some of the notable clients are listed below:

  • Nishat Linen
  • Hyundai Pakistan
  • Emporium Mall
  • Nishat Hotels and Properties
  • Fatima Memorial Hospital
  • Bashir NeuroSpine Institute
  • House of Professionals
  • DG Cement

and the list goes on.

In the Wholesale sector; Dot Enterprise Pakistan covers all the major cities and markets across Pakistan.


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